Individual Equipment Standards:

M-1: Ranger Private: A beginning Ranger must qualify to enter the field by fielding with the following minimum standard equipment:

  1. Rifle: Minimum Standard is the Mosin Nagant M91-30 Rifle and All Rangers must possess and qualify with this weapon upon induction into the Rangers. Should a Ranger come already equipped with a more advanced weapon such as an AR-15, Saiga or Mini-14 they may qualify with that weapon without purchasing the  91-30.
  2. Ammunition: The 91-30 comes equipped with an ammunition pouch and rounds may be carried loosely or on easily obtainable stripper clips in this pouch. Must Field with at least 60 Rounds of ammunition. For a magazine fed rifle, the minimum combat load is 6 magazines and 300 rounds (5.56) ( A Shotgun counts, Just follow the regulations for the rifle for ammo requirements and be able to carry your shells in a combat effective manner.
  3. Belt: A sturdy US Issue nylon pistol belt and suspenders
  4. Canteen: A 1 quart US issue Canteen with carrier and water purification tablets
  5. Tomahawk, Hatchet, Short Sword or Machete with good quality sheath, Tomahawk is preferred and can be had from many sources, ask a Ranger where he got his! Cold Steel makes a great hawk called the Trail Hawk, A great choice!
  6. Combat Knife: Cold Steel, K-Bar, Gerber, Ontario all make good combat knives
  7. Butt Pack
  8. 2 extra pairs of wool socks and foot powder
  9. Small pair of Binoculars
  10. Cleaning Kit for Rifle (comes with rifle)
  11. Multi Tool for Rifle (Not a leatherman, the one that comes with the rifle
  12. Leatherman, Gerber or SOG multi-tool,or REAL Swiss Army Knife
  13. US Issue Medium ALICE Rucksack with or without frame
  14. 3 days worth of food: Ask a Ranger what he or she brings, good food can be found at most grocery stores.
  15. Sleeping gear: a lightweight sleeping bag or blanket
  16. A small mess kit or cook can (1lb Coffee can with bail)
  17. camo face paint

Remember: Rangers stay light and tight. Everything you bring must have a purpose and there is no room for niceties. If you dont need it, toss it! This means that your load may be different than above but you must remain effective in the field!!

A Ranger must field in uniform! The uniform of the MVCR is basic US issue (or equivalent) Woodland Camouflage BDUs. If these become unavailable, US Army Issue ACU Uniform or Marine Woodland Digital Uniform is authorized as a alternative uniform. Your best effort should be given to locating at least three BDU Uniforms. In addition, you will need name tapes embroidered with the following: For Each Uniform  you need one "Your Last Name" , one "New York" and one M.V.C.R. Shoulder Patch.

Footwear: A good pair of US Issue, Commercial or Foreign issue combat boots in brown or black must be worn in the field. Alternativly, a decent pair of high end Hiking Boots may also be worn, however, you are highly encouraged to wear gaitors with these

Headgear: For all non field situations such as recruiting, public functions etc, Rangers must don the Ranger Highland Bonnet, a traditional item worn by the rangers of the French and Indian War and American Revolution.  In the field, the Ranger may wear the Bonnet,Patrol Cap, Boonie Hat or US issue combat Helmet of either the "Pot Helmet" style or the PASGT Kevlar or newer MICH or ACH helmet.

Socks: A Ranger will only go as far as their feet with take them, therefore it is imperative that the best socks be procured. At minimum, US issue green wool socks must be worn. Commercial wool hiking socks such as those made by Smart-wool (R) or Wigwam (R) are also acceptable.

Dress Unform: MVCR  recruiting events sometimes require a "softer" approach. to that end we will find a source for embroidered green polo shirts. these can be worn with black slacks or tactical pants. Until then, Unit T-Shirts will be worn with BDU Pants.

The Highland Bonnet will be worn with the dress uniform.

Weather Specific Uniforms:

During the Winter, its mighty cold here in Upstate NY and you must be prepared for this! At minumum, a Ranger must present themselves on the field in a US issue (Or equivilent) M65 field jacket with liner. It is highly recommended that this jacket have name tape, MVCR tape and New York tapes attached as is done with the BDU Blouse.

Winter Camo: During the winter, the Woodland BDU stands out starkly against the white landscape. Therefore a form of snow camo must be worn. the best way to do this is with the use of a poncho style garment, or an oversize tunic/smock which is easily made with the use of a white sheet, some OD green fabric paint and a small amount of stitching. Instructions for making these will be given yearly at the January Winter Warfare College.

Special equipment will be detailed on a case by case basis.



Personal grooming standards:  The MVCR is made up of civilian volunteers. However, this does not mean that we look like ragamuffins! All hair and facial hair must be well trimmed and secured so as not to be in the way of protective gear.

  • Beards: must be trimmed neatly and must be kept clean and presentable.
  • Mustaches must be well trimmed  and maintained
  • Hair must be either kept short and off the ears or tied back with a black or OD green cord
  • Body odor is not tolerated, however, use of strong smelling perfumes and colognes is not allowed. use basic dry stick deodorant/antiperspirant.
  • Uniforms may get dirty or damaged in the field and this is expected, however care must be taken to maintain your uniforms so that they are clean, pressed and repaired.

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