Ranks of the Rangers:

  • Prospect: This rank denotes a person who wishes to become a ranger but has not yet fulfilled the basic equipment requirements of the Rangers
  • Private: The basic entry level rank within the MVCR. This rank shows that the person in question is a full Member of the MVCR and is allowed to wear the Ranger Bonnet. They have the basic equipment (or above the minimum) for service and has qualified with their primary weapon as well as shown basic woodsmanship aptitude.
  • Specialist(AKA Chosen Man): A Ranger Specialist has taken a specific MOS in one or more of the specialized functions of the Rangers. They have received advanced training in that specialty and have above basic standard equipment. For instance, a Rifleman might be qualified with an AR15/M4 Carbine or show great aptitude with the basic service rifle , or a Radio Operator might have his Ham Lic. and be equipped with a Ham Radio. A SAR Specialist may have the 8 Hr DEC Search and Rescue course or be Ground Team Qualified in the Civil Air Patrol. The list goes on.
  • Sargent: Denotes advanced progress in the Rangers and has shown leadership ability. A Sargent must have at least 6 months of service in the Rangers and have attended the Ranger Rendezvous
  • Sargent Major: A Sagent Major must have at least a year of service in the Rangers and have recruited at least 7 new Rangers. who fight under their command
  • Command Sargient Major: Highest Ranking NCO in the Rangers, this person is on the Command Staff and is Directly in charge of implementing Ranger policy within the ranks.


  • Lieutenant: Lowest Officers Rank. May be in charge of two fire teams or details
  • First Lieutenant: Commands a specific area of Military Operational Specialty, there is only one slot per MOS for this grade
  • Captain: Second in Command of the Unit. There are only two slots in the Rangers of this grade
  • Major: This Rank is held by the Commanding Officer of the MVCR.

AWARDS:The Rangers are a rather unassuming unit and we believe our conduct speaks for itself. However, we do like to reward those showing outstanding service to the Company. Therefore we have instated the following:

The Ranger Bonnet:

Once the Prospect Ranger achieves basic SOP Equipment and Proficiency in marksmanship and bushcraft, the Ranger is entitled to wear the Ranger Bonnet. This wool Highland Bonnet was worn by many Ranger units during the American Revolution and is the MVCR Specific uniform item worn both at meetings and workshops and (optionally) in the field

Expert Marksmanship Award: For those showing outstanding ability in the area of marksmanship

Light Infantry Badge: For us, it is worn by all staff and line officers as well as being awarded to NCOs who show outstanding leadership ability

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