JAS Townsend and Sons : Green Highland (Ranger) Bonnets and Tomahawks

Cheaper than Dirt: Field Gear, Ammunition, Knives, Battle Rifles

Ranger Joes: Field Gear, BDUs

Ranger Rick's: Manuals For all kinds of useful field expedieant items for the soldier

US Cavalry: Field Gear, BDUs High end optics and weapon enhancements (EXPENSIVE!!)

BDU.com: Multicam and Woodland Field Uniforms


PDF Manuals:

Combat Skills of the Soldier: our basic primer for tactical skills building

Military Operations On Urban Terrain: The Marine Corps Basic primer for the modern urban battlefield


National Incident Management System (NIMS) : FEMA system for managing personell and resources during a disaster situation

Notes on Wilderness Search & Rescue (WSAR)

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