Membership is opened to all able bodied Men and Women between the ages of 18 and 65 (with a senior corps for those above that age)
The MVCR is set up using a basic military model, uses military tactics and uniforms and follows military discipline at all times. Rangers train in tactics/marksmanship, camping and survival gear, radio communications equipment, direction finding and orienteering, bush craft, hand to hand combat, search and rescue tactics, physical fitness and more. Leadership is by election and during non-field activities, decisions pertaining to the unit are voted on by the membership.  

While we have a primary mission as a local committee of safety, we also train to deploy in a humanitarian capacity during times of natural disaster. 

To this end, all of our members are encouraged to gain state certification in Search and Rescue, Basic Life Support, Disaster Management and other mission critical  skill sets. The Rangers are here to help the local community during times of need. In addition, we hold community workshops featuring instruction in community disaster preparedness.

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